Brand Guidelines

If you’re looking to use Machi-Systems branding to promote your community work, events, or creations, please follow these Brand Guidelines (“Guidelines”). Together, we can create a brand that’s immediately accessible locally and abroad. We really appreciate your help 🙏

If you would like to use our brand elements in a way that is not covered by these Guidelines, please send a written request to us here.

General Rules

Always use Machi-Systems’ trademarks and brand elements in accordance with these Guidelines, as well as any other guidelines Notion has provided you. All rights granted to use trademarks and brand elements require you to specify that the trademarks and brand elements belong to Machi-Systems and or its affiliates. Machi-Systems can modify or revoke at any time, in its sole discretion, any permission we grant you to use our trademarks.

Permitted Use

Please only use the brand elements found in these Guidelines.

You may refer to Machi-Systems’ trademarks and brand elements to accurately describe how your products or services relate to our products or services. For example, you can say that your app works with, works for, uses, or was built with Machi-Systems’ product or service.

Prohibited Use

The following usage of Machi-Systems’ trademarks or brand elements are prohibited. Please do not:

  • Use the Machi-Systems logo or any of our brand elements in a way that suggests or implies an endorsement, sponsorship, partnership, or affiliation where such a relationship does not exist.
  • Use our trademarks, logos, or any other recognizable portion of Machi-Systems’ trademarks in your business name, app name, website name, domain name, social media handle, or other sources.
  • Copy our look and feel, or imitate our logo or visual identity by incorporating Machi-Systems brand elements, or anything confusingly similar, into your own trademark, logo, product or service name, business name, trade name, website domain, or slogan.
  • Feature Machi-Systems brand elements in connection with pornography, illegal activity, or other material that violates Notion’s Terms of Service or Content and Use Policy.
  • Monetize Machi-Systems’ brand elements, such as selling Notion-themed merchandise.

Attribution Language

Where you have been granted permission to use our trademarks through these guidelines or through other written authorization from Machi-Systems, you must always include the attribution language provided for you in your written authorization, or by including the following statement at the bottom of the page:

“Machi-Systems and the Machi-Systems logo are trademarks of Machi-Systems, LLC., and are used here with permission.

Machi-Systems logo

Our logo and wordmark are available in this Figma file.


  • The logo can be used alone or paired with the wordmark
  • The Machi-Systems “block” should always have white fill
  • The logo should not be used to refer to any product or service other than Machi-Systems












Download and use the font Inter.


We hope you’ve found this doc useful. Is anything missing? If so, email us at and we’ll get it sorted for you.


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