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Information on the options we provide for customer support and troubleshooting

Finding Support

Submitting a Ticket

If you have searched our Docs for information to assist with your issue and we’re unable to get the problem solved, feel free to reach out to us via a ticket!

Click this link to submit a ticket via the customer area.

What should I include in my support ticket?

Be specific and include all relevant information. This may include:

  • What are you trying to do
  • How you are trying to do it
  • Any error messages (or lack of one)
  • Any troubleshooting tips that you have tried
  • Name of file or plugin it applies to
  • Any software you may be using

Community Discord Support

We offer a community-powered support Discord server. While staff may sometimes be available here, it is not an official line of support and as a result, we cannot guarantee support through the server.

Please keep in mind our Discord support is primarily community-driven. As such, please be patient with whoever helps you. If you require more sensitive or immediate support, try submitting a ticket.

Our community Discord server can be found at this link.

Giving Effective Feedback

A business owner’s guide to giving effective feedback on a web design project.

Well, the good news is you don’t have to benot really anyway. Your job is knowing your business and, more importantly, knowing your audience. If you can shift your thinking to what people who visit your website will want to see and do, then your feedback will be super valuable.

Describe the problem instead of prescribing the solution

Most of the time, explaining the problem is way more useful than asking us to move something or change something.

For example: If you don’t want to use a specific color, saying something like, “Blue is the color of our main competitor, so I’d rather not use it,” is better than saying, “Change blue to green.” This gives us a better understanding of what’s important to you and how to come up with something even better.

Photos by: rawpixel and Roman Kraft

Go back to your goals

Remember those goals you set for your website? Use them as a reference for all of your feedback. Is the project achieving the main goal it set out to?

If you can relate every piece of feedback back to your main goal, you’ll find the project ends up being way more successful than a ton of subjective feedback.

Settle internal debates

If you’re working in a team, it’s important to try to settle any internal debates in-house before we can provide assistance. By all means, ask us questions to help clarify things but make sure you can come to an agreement before giving final feedback. Ideally, one person should be providing feedback to avoid conflict and confusion.

Speak up early if something is wrong

We’ve saved the most important thing until last… speak up as early on as possible. Don’t worry about hurting any feelings. As long as you’re referring back to your goal at all times and not getting personal, there’s no reason for any tiptoeing.

We have the project’s best interests at heart. If it’s not right, we will be happy to work with you to address the issues to get them resolved. Also, remember that we will still be available at the end of the class/session, so if something needs changing, we will be there to help you get it just right.

So, there you go! Some ways you can give really super cool feedback. Just remember, you know your business and your customers — that makes your feedback the most valuable of all.

We hope you’ve found this guide useful. Is anything missing? If so, email us at and we’ll get it sorted for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our most frequently asked questions we get. Anything to add? Email us, and we’ll answer your burning questions.

Writing content is hard! Can you help us with it?

We know writing content can be a struggle. That’s why we’ve created an in-depth guide and worksheet to help you easily write the most effective content.

We believe the best content comes from you because you know your business and your audience more intricately. However, we’re not asking for Shakespeare. If writing isn’t your strong suit, don’t worryyou just need the basics to get started. You can always add and elaborate later on.

What if I don’t like the design I choose to create?

Our team members have battle-tested the web design process over the years. Therefore, we are confident that you’re going to love the first Starter Template you choose. All that experience? That’s how we have a good idea about some likes and dislikes, which gets us as close as possible to a perfect design the first time.

We’ve never had a project where we needed to redo the design because it missed the mark. But that said, if that did happen, rest assured that we will do everything we can to get the project back on track and make sure you’re happy with it. There’s absolutely no risk to you.

Can you help us with the development of the website?

Yes, absolutely! We have some amazing web developers who are more than happy to get websites coded to perfection and even manage the entire process so that when a website goes live, it will be pixel-perfect and work like a dream. But you’re here, so what do you need our developers for? You got this!

Quick How-to’s

How to save or publish on Elementor

(And … How to Exit Elementor WITHOUT Publishing If You Goofed or Don’t Like the Changes You Made)

In Template window:

When making changes to your template while in Elementor, you will notice the green Update button at the bottom of the Elementor tool bar on the left hand side of your screen.

When you make a change or edit that you like:

  • Click on > the Update button.

If you’ve made changes that you don’t like: Click on > the “Hamburger” (3 stacked, vertical lines) in the upper left hand corner of tool bar.

  • Select > View Page

You will be warned: “Leave site? Changes you made may not be saved”

  • Click on > Leave (unwanted changes will be undone)

How to add a “Stack” to your DropMark

You may want to create a new space in your Dropmark to hold the images that you are sure (or mostly sure) you want to add to your template. This will keep them separate, which is helpful if you have lots of images loaded in your Dropmark.

  • Go to >
  • Click on > Login in the upper right-hand corner and enter your credentials
  • Click on > Plus sign (+) in the upper right-hand corner of the top menu bar
  • Click on > Stack and add Title (maybe something like “Pics for my Website”)


Almost all of the images on the templates were taken from a free photo stock source that is available to anyone. All images are cost-free and royalty-free. For your convenience, you can access this database on (from the homepage, click on the image icon toward the bottom of the right-hand vertical toolbar – just below CSS).

Therefore, you can certainly keep the images if you like–but keep a few things in mind.

  1. Since the source is free and can be used by anyone, anywhere, those images are probably being used on websites besides yours. Of course, you can always start with the template image and change it later if you see it elsewhere or get your own.
  2. Be sure that the image accurately represents your business and your products. For example, don’t use an image of a multi-layered 5” sandwich if yours are 2-3” thick.


If you want to add a custom font, we will be able to provide that service very soon. Just get with one of our team members and let them know what font you’d like to use.

How do I Get Super Powers?

Becoming a superhero is a fairly straightforward process:

$ give me super-powers

Once you’re strong enough, save the world:

# Ain't no code for that yet, sorry
echo 'You got to trust me on this, I saved the world'

Quick Tips

Signing into the Course Home

  1. Go to >
  2. Click on > Client Login on the far right of the menu bar and enter your credentials
  3. Hover over > Your Name on the far right of the menu bar
  4. Click on > User Dashboard
  5. Scroll down to > Your Courses
  6. Click on > How to Make a COMPLETE Food Service Website with WordPress
  7. Scroll down to > Course Content and select the appropriate Week, Session, or Topic

Signing into your WordPress Template

  1. Continue in >
  2. Scroll down to > Course Content
  3. Click on > Week/Session 1 – #2 Getting Started with WordPress
  4. Scroll down to > Lesson Content
  5. Click on > Login to WordPress
  6. Scroll down to > Step 1
  7. Click on > Login to WordPress (will open in a new window)
  8. Go back to > my.machi window
  9. Scroll down to > Step 2
  10. Click on > Copy Username and Password
  11. Go back to > WordPress window and paste in credentials
  12. Click on > Login

Signing into your DropMark

  1. Go to >
  2. Click on > Login in the upper right-hand corner – enter your credentials

Placing an image on your WordPress Template with Elementor.

  1. Click on > Edit with Elementor
  2. Right Click on > Image you want to replace
  3. Click on > Edit Image or Edit Section (if in section, then choose Style to find your image)
  4. Click on > Image in the left-hand Elemetor toolbar (will open a new Insert Media window)
  5. Click on > Upload Files

In Dropmark window:

  1. Hover over > the image you want to place
  2. Click on > the More Options Icon (the 3 dots – also called an “ellipsis”)
  3. Right Click on > Download
  4. Click on > Save Link As (make sure you’re saving to your image folder)
  5. Click > Save (file will show up on the bottom of your screen)

Back to Template window:

  1. Drag image to > Drop Files to Upload page (will then take you back to Media Library)
  2. Click on > Insert Media in the bottom right corner



  1. Go to >
  2. Click on > File > New (will open New Project window)
Name: Cutting Board Banner
Width: 1200 px Height: 580
DPI: 72
Background: Transparent (use as your default)
  1. Click on > Create


  1. Go to > and login
  2. Click on > Resize Exercise stack
  3. Hover over > cutting board image
  4. Click on > the More Options Icon (the 3 dots – also called an “ellipsis”)
  5. Right Click on > Download
  6. Click on > Copy Link Address


  1. Go back to >
  2. Click on > File > Open More > Open from URL (a new box will open)
  3. Highlight > URL box – right-click and paste
  4. Select > Place into Current Project
  5. Click on > OK (Image will load too small for artboard)

To Resize

  1. Hold down > ctrl key and – (minus) key to zoom out
  2. Click on > Edit in the upper left of the top menu bar then select > Free Transform
  3. Hold down > Shift key – grab and stretch the image to fill the artboard (rearrange as you like)
  4. Click on > Rectangle tool (second from top on side toolbar) and trace the outline of your image
  5. Click on > Image in the upper left on the top menu bar then select > Crop
  6. Click on > File > Export as > PNG (keep default settings)

Image will show up on the bottom of your screen ready to place back in your Dropmark, in another image folder, or directly on your template.

We hope you’ve found this doc useful. Is anything missing? If so, email us at and we’ll get it sorted for you.


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Questions? Send us a note and we’ll get right back to you.

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