Sensitive Data Removal Policy

What is Sensitive Data?

Sensitive data refers to content that…

  • Should have been kept confidential, and
  • Any information where public availability poses a specific or targeted security risk to you

Sensitive data removal requests are appropriate for…

  • Access credentials, such as user names combined with passwords, access tokens, or other sensitive secrets, can grant access to your slot
  • Exposing sensitive data like your name in the access URL of your slot seen by other users on the server
  • Any other concerns about your privacy

Sending a Sensitive Data Removal Request

The guidelines stated here are designed to protect your privacy, streamline the process, and educate our users about their rights.

  • You may request to change your username, providing that you have stated a valid reason to do so. Due to the way our infrastructure is built, we cannot change the username of your current slot but instead issue you a new slot with a new username. Then, you may choose to move the data yourself to your new slot, or ask our Support Staff to move it for you. Once migration is done, we will securely erase your previous slot.
  • If you want to change the email address associated with your Machi-Systems account, send us a ticket with your new address. Once confirmed, you can enter your Machi-Systems account with your new email address. It’s essential to keep your email address updated because we send occasional news about our services as well as any critical announcements, such as server downtimes.
  • Due to our infrastructure, we cannot remove your Machi-Systems Client Area Account if you choose to do so. You may, however, opt for us to completely replace your personal information from your account with randomized details, or even go as far as setting a null email and a randomized password.

Please note you should be logged in to the Machi-Systems Client Area account before making a sensitive data removal request.

We hope you’ve found this doc useful. Is anything missing? If so, email us at and we’ll get it sorted for you.


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