Service Level Agreement

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a policy governing the Terms and Usage of Services provided by Machi-Systems and applies individually to you by using our services.

Having in mind the nature of services (shared environment) and the kind of services we offer, server downtime is an inevitable part. With this agreement, we’ll explain how we handle certain situations during your time with us.

The objective of this agreement is to ensure that the proper elements and commitments are in place to provide consistent service and will serve as an Official Agreement for our Policy on Handling Conflicts and Offering Compensation.

Server Downtimes, Server Maintenance & Compensation

Machi-Systems takes all the requisite steps to ensure that our servers remain online and accessible for each user in any billing cycle.

Any scheduled maintenance of servers will be announced in advance through various communication modes with pertinent details, such as email and Machi-Systems Status Page & WHMCS / WP Announcements. Clients that are affected by this will not be compensated.

Any unannounced/emergency downtimes/maintenance of servers will be announced as such, and affected users will be compensated. Below is the basis for compensation:

Downtime Service Credit
Within 6 hours As per team discretion
Up to 12 hours One Day
Up to 24 hours Two Days
Exceeding 48 hours Credited double the time of the downtime (e.g., if there are three days of downtime, clients will be credited six days as compensation)

Please take note that this does not include any downtime of your apps installed.

Drive Failure and Data Loss

Machi-Systems is a shared-app hosting platform; almost all setup is devoted to providing users with a fair allocation of resources and full disk utilization. Unfortunately, there will be inevitable incidents, such as drive failures.

If drive failure happens in the slot you’re in and we’re unable to recover your data, you will be eligible for one month of service on us.

With this, we recommend you back up the data that’s on your slot.

Except for the above scenario, removing user data on your endwithout detecting system errorswill not be compensated.

Fair Use of Server Resources

Our services run on shared resources. As a result, it is the responsibility of the client to ensure that their activities do not negatively impact other clients’ experiences and are kept within acceptable limitations.

Machi-Systems may stop, without warning, any applications that are negatively affecting other clients. In extreme scenarios where clients are negatively affecting other clients, the client’s slot may be suspended or terminated.

Holiday Closures

Machi-Systems recognizes the importance of providing clear information about our holiday closure dates. During holidays, our response times and service availability may be impacted. For a comprehensive overview of our holiday closure dates and how they might affect response times, please refer to our holiday calendar here.

Other Service Level Agreements

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