Username Policy

Usernames at Machi-Systems are available on a first-come, first-served basis and intended for immediate use. It is possible to have the same username for multiple slots that you rent at Machi-Systems.

If another user has already claimed the username you would prefer, consider other names or unique variations. Using a number, hyphen, or an alternative spelling might help you identify a desirable username still available.

There is a system in place to check your usernames against a list of vulnerable usernames to pause deployment of your slot when detected. Machi-Systems reserves the right to ask customers to change their usernames for the website or slots for any intended reason.

Machi-Systems recycles unused account usernames every six months. If any unused account usernames in our system are found, those usernames will be available to anyone.

Name Squatting Policy

Machi-Systems prohibits account name squatting, and account names may not be reserved or inactive for future use. Accounts violating this name squatting policy may be removed or renamed without notice. Any attempt to sell, buy or solicit other forms of payment in exchange for account names is prohibited and may result in permanent account suspension.


Machi-Systems restricts account name hunching down, and account names may not be saved or idly held for some time later. Records abusing this name crouching strategy might be eliminated or renamed without notice. Endeavors to sell, purchase, or request different installments in return for account names are disallowed and may bring about perpetual record suspension.

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